Monday, August 4, 2008

Hi Everyone!!! Nice to meet you ^ ^

Hi everone!!! Oh long time no write??? hehehe I am glad that I am writing some words again in grade 5 blog^^ I love it!!! I miss Mrs. Jane and Ibu. Hana... Oh as u know I pass grade 5!!! That time I was so suprised. I thought I can't pass but I did!! It is all becuase my beloved teachers Mrs. Julia, Ibu. Rosma, Mrs. Karen, Pak. Bukdi, and Mr. Henry. Do we have more??? I think no. If there is please tell me with the comments^^ Thand you. Nicole and Christopher are new right? I wanted to be friend with them and I did!! But not with Christopher. I will SOON ^^ hehe I'll write in my blog again next time. Please any teacher or my friends look at my words, please put comments ^^hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe