Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fragile Environment Pictures


These are the fragile environment pictures that I didn't put with the informations. 

Fragile Environment

Do you know what is a fragile environment is? The fragile environment is an environment that can very easily destroyed, crash and broke. If you doesn’t understand, for example when you put the electricity in to the water and if there is no place to fix it, it’s hard to replace it. And that is the short example about fragile environment.                                                                   

Sahara forest was a beautiful forest. There is lakes, streams, wildlife, grasslands, and forests. But the greatest driving force known, the forest turned into a terrible desert  the quest for foods. The trees are all cut to grow grain and the land was overgrazed by livestock. It was used and ultimately destroyed.Over the last decade concerned naturalists and researchers have help to bring millions of people’s attention to the fragile state of our environment. Our fresh and big  trees, clean air, healthy water, big land and all the energy resources are in peril. As it has happened terribly to our world, areas of the United States are now all turning into boring and sunny desert. And as was the case with the Sahara, it is happening due to the quest for food. SO every time that we must have to do is eat and drink. What precious few people realize, probably less than one percent of the population, is that what we eat.


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reflection about my field trip to waterfall.....

On 12th of May, grade 5 went to gunung pancar for fieldtrip.We walk to waterfall like 1 hour and 10 min. It was so so tired. But it’s good for my health and I just keep walking. We was so exicted and it is for our UOI Fragile Environment.

When i was walking to waterfall I was nervous. I love so play............................................. first time when we walk I doesn’t feel tired and keep walking. But when we near the waterfall, my leg.... of my legooooooo,,,, so hurt. I fell 2 times. But little. But i fell one big one when we go back to the bus. But I am strong and no give up girl in grade 5. I am the first who reach the bus. And everybody was so suprise of me. I wanted to rest but if I rest it will took more time, and I just walk with no rest. I rest just like 2 times 3 second because our guard said “STOP” and I stop.
It took like a hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So tired, and so thirsty. I got one drink and keep walking. And when I walk, I always think that ‘good to bring the hat and my bag weight must more less!’ my bag are too HEAVY and i almost fell because of that.

This is the best time because we reach to the WATERFALL!!!!! Oh my (?) my best time in my hole life! When I saw the waterfall, my leg doesn’t hurt any more!! I wanted to go inside the water and play but I didn’t. I just look at everyone who plays. I doesn’t wanted to go inside because I hate being wet and I do bring my change but I can’t change infront of my friends. So I didn’t go inside.

After we play and change our clothes, we ate our lunch. I brought my favourite tuna sandwiches. I love it. It was so delicious. My tummy was so so full. Um~~~ yommi ^^ when we finished eating our lunch, we ask some questions to our guards. We ask so many questions. And accidenly I heard that this mountain, gunung pancar was sold just before in the person’s hand. And all will be gone and cut down trees, and build a houses, buildings..... and one thing that make me so sad is the marvelouse waterfall will be gone forever. And when I heard that i thought that I’ll kill the person who bought the mountain.

After we finished we went back to our bus who is waiting for us. When we were walking, we saw many goats and chickens. And I sound my voice to a goat sound and they heard then they answer me. It was so funny. I brought 3 drinks but one i gave it to Alizka and just half left. But I shared with my friends. They like it. ^^. i was so proud of my self that I didn’t drink by myself and shared. I learn it from my teacher~~~ their a good and best teachers.
We stopped it when we almost reach to the bus. The guard said it tood 500 km more. And we count and it’s just 358? I think. I was the first one who reach the bus~~~ everbody was far away exept Liza, Alizka, and Amanda. But they are quite far from me. But they are the second. Everbody calls me Indiana Johns because he never give up and he finish what he do and i never give up going up and down and I finished what I do. And they called me Indiana Johns no 2.

After our long journey we drive to school safe. It was tired but it's good for my diet. My weight 3 kg off because of our field trip. WHen we reach to the school I went to health center first because I fell 3 times. And we rest inside our classroom and when I went back to my house, I change my clothes and have a sleep.

THE END.....

Thank u. hope u enjoy and learned some about my reflection. I wish I got good score. Everbody please pray for me so I can get a good marks and pass grade 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!