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Central Java!!!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Characteristics of Textile and Care Lables

Textile and Care Lables on CLOTHES!!!

Warmth: A ability of textile to keep our body temperature warm.
Water Absorbency: To absorb water.
Shrinkage: The ability of cloth to keep it's size.
Durability: How well the cloth can withstand wear.
Dye Fastness: The ability to keep it's original color.
Strength: The ability to withstand force.
Elasticity: The ability to return back to it's side after being stretched.
Crease Recovery: The ability of cloth to recover from creases.
Flammability: The ability to resist fire.

Care Lables:

CAS Ideas

How to help the poor/homeless people:

1. Donate boxes of food that you no longer want. You can have food drives for the needy or physically take the food to the poor people that you would like to help. Some good choices of food to donate is canned foods, noodles, beans, and any other dried foods that will last a long time and don't need refrigerated.
2. Give out blankets and sheets to the poor people. It is very sad to see a homeless person sleeping on the streets with no blankets. Helping them will make a big difference. You can also donate blankets and linens to thrift stores and good will.
3. Rummage through your clothes and your children's old clothes and give them away. Donating clothes really does help the poor people. This will really make a difference to those in need of clothes. Winter clothes are really in need this time of year. Coats, scarfs, gloves and hats are also a great gift to give to the poor people.
4. Sort through your children's toys and donate them to the needy. Books of all types are also a recommended donation item to give to poor people. Giving charity such as money is a good thing to do if you have any to spare. Make sure you choose the right people or organization to donate to.


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Hi Everyone!!! Nice to meet you ^ ^

Hi everone!!! Oh long time no write??? hehehe I am glad that I am writing some words again in grade 5 blog^^ I love it!!! I miss Mrs. Jane and Ibu. Hana... Oh as u know I pass grade 5!!! That time I was so suprised. I thought I can't pass but I did!! It is all becuase my beloved teachers Mrs. Julia, Ibu. Rosma, Mrs. Karen, Pak. Bukdi, and Mr. Henry. Do we have more??? I think no. If there is please tell me with the comments^^ Thand you. Nicole and Christopher are new right? I wanted to be friend with them and I did!! But not with Christopher. I will SOON ^^ hehe I'll write in my blog again next time. Please any teacher or my friends look at my words, please put comments ^^hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

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My slide show about Korea!!!!

This is my slide show about my country Korea!!! Please enjoy and put comments^^

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Fragile Environment Pictures


These are the fragile environment pictures that I didn't put with the informations. 

Fragile Environment

Do you know what is a fragile environment is? The fragile environment is an environment that can very easily destroyed, crash and broke. If you doesn’t understand, for example when you put the electricity in to the water and if there is no place to fix it, it’s hard to replace it. And that is the short example about fragile environment.                                                                   

Sahara forest was a beautiful forest. There is lakes, streams, wildlife, grasslands, and forests. But the greatest driving force known, the forest turned into a terrible desert  the quest for foods. The trees are all cut to grow grain and the land was overgrazed by livestock. It was used and ultimately destroyed.Over the last decade concerned naturalists and researchers have help to bring millions of people’s attention to the fragile state of our environment. Our fresh and big  trees, clean air, healthy water, big land and all the energy resources are in peril. As it has happened terribly to our world, areas of the United States are now all turning into boring and sunny desert. And as was the case with the Sahara, it is happening due to the quest for food. SO every time that we must have to do is eat and drink. What precious few people realize, probably less than one percent of the population, is that what we eat.


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