Monday, January 7, 2008

My billy cart blue print...

In math time we drew, measure, think, make a point.......... we did lot of things.

First, we imagined our own billy cart. Think how big, how many centimeters, what is it look like.... many thing. Then we think one billy cart that is good for our self.

Second, we try to measure my billy cart. But we are still very beginner so we drew in the floor. But just the centimeter. Then the length was 90cm and the midth was 63cm. It was good for us.

Third, when we was finished Ibu. Hana gave us a blue print paper. Then we start to measure, drew, decided, etc...Then we was finish like 30, or 40 min, but we was worried if it doesn't work or, to big or to small, to thick...... etc... so we need more help and more good. But when we was doing I'm proud of my self.

And one thing, my group was Mandy, Jesslyn, Alizka and Jin Ju.

Conclution: And one more important thing is that what I learn. I learn how to measure, make billy cart, how to do blue print..... and I never do this serious but this time I was. I was cooperate, knowledgeble...... many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to make billy cart when I am big enough.

Finish~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bye and Merry Christmas and
happy new year~~~