Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On My Holiday!!!!

On my holiday.
I just went to Bandung, where everybody can play bowling, mall, and to watch a movie (Cinema).

First, I went to Bandung last 2 weeks in Saturday at 8:00. So we get ready to go to Bandung. It took 2 hour from my house to Bandung. And when we are going to Bandung my driver drives and he must went right but he went to left so it took more long time. We start going to Bandung
At 8:00 so must arrive at 10:00 but we arrive at 1:00. My family was so so bored. And almost we arrive at Bandung, the cars was so many and it took 1 hour so we arrived at 2:00. ㅠ_ㅠ. But when we arrived we photo all things and the volcano mountain. And it was a very bad first time and good in second time ^^.

Second, I went to the place where can everybody play bowling. Every day I was the last in the bowling score but that time I bet my father and my brother. My score was 157 and my father was 149 and my brother was 115. I was surprised that I bet my father and my brother. And I got money one hundred thousand rupiah. And that night, we ate in the restaurant. It was my best day.

Third, I went to mall with my brother and my mother. My mother bought a rice cup because she fell it down and it crashed just yesterday. And my brother Phillip, Bae Dae Hyun, bought a calculator for his school Math time. And I bought a pen that I wanted to buy every day. There is 6 but I just bought only one. I’ll buy next time. Then when we finish buying things, we went to pondokindah mall to watch a movie called spider wick. There is two Charlie ^^. And we went home at 7:00.

It was a little bit good holiday for me. !!!!!!!^^!!!!!!!!^^