Monday, November 12, 2007

I believe, you believe pictures~~

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I believe, you believe

In UOI time the title was I believe, you believe. In there I was kind of thinkers. Just little, because I think something and I writethat what I think, but just little too. And I learned some in I believe, you believe. Is, yes! I learned that what I believe and what my friend believes.

Our class wrote a report about Beatrix Potter on our blog. At that time I was being confident, because I didn't know how to write but I just thought and I tried that I can do it than I wrote all^_^! And I learned that she is very confidence, restect,little bit of gratefulness..... And that time I believe at my pictures little bit.

We did haikus on paper than on blogs. During haiku time I was having very much fun. I learned that the haiku must be 5, 7, 5 words and I learned about bones. Our bones, because we write haiku about our bones. When we finished it I think I want to do it more.

And we write "God's Love" on paper than on our blog again. In that time I was Indenpendent, because I said to Mrs. Jane "I can't do it" but she said just think first than try to write it. Than I think first and and I can do it! But I just write little and think she will be angry but she just said "It is good" and I felt happy that time. And what I learned is that I know all about "God's Love" this time and I said thank u to "God".

The religion project we do it on our blog. In that time I think I was enthusiastic, because I enjoyed learning about my chosen religion Shintoism. I didn't know anything about Shinto but when I search and look it was so cool. I put religion project more late than my friends. And I learned how to said in my own word to the friends.

Field trip time I learned about everything. Catholic, the church...... It was hot but it was so cool and exciting!!!! We write all about that we learned in field trip than we put in our religion (Shinto) board. It was fun and we saw the old things. And I felt very proud of my self^^!!!!!!!!!!!!