Friday, October 5, 2007

Beatrix Potter

Do you believe that your drawing pictures are really alive or moving like us? Do you believe that Beatrix Potter could draw and think of pictures from when she was a little girl?

She believed that her drawings can move and talk with her. She believed that her pictures can go to another picture of her. when Mr. Warne died her drawings became bad, scary, afraid, not good......, but when Mr. Hillis and Beatrix Potter met together her pictures became all better again.

Mr. Hillis was selling a farm. Beatrix Potter wanted to buy that but she didn't has any enough money. She went to the bank and they said she had a lot of money! She was suprized and she bought the farm. She put all thengs and visited Mr. Hillis. Mr. Hillis come th the house and he talded with pictures too. then they became close friends. After 8 years they got married.

They lived happily after together on the farm.